Rules and Regulations...... by: Admin Marlon

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Rules and Regulations...... by: Admin Marlon Empty Rules and Regulations...... by: Admin Marlon

Post by [Admin]Davey on Sat Nov 08, 2008 1:31 am

In-Game Rules

1. Do not spam or flood text.

2. Report any minor or major bugs, players found to be abusing these bugs will be banned depending on the severity.

3. No kill stealing.

4. Items lost in disconnections/server crashes/errors will not be replaced, under any circumstances.

5. Do not repeatedly ask for items/gold. Anyone who violate this will
be given a warning, and will be chatblocked for 30min if he ignores it
and still continue to beg.

6. Strictly NO advertising of any other private servers. This will
not be tolerated and doing so will result in an account ban. (Applied
on forum and in-game)

7. No trading accounts/items/gold for Real Money (in any currency).
This will not be tolerated. No one will help you if you are scammed.

8. Do not have GM or Admin in any part of your name. This will not
be tolerated and if you are warned serveral times, you will be banned.

9. Do not make a character with offensive names that would lead to
racism/harassment. Curse words are not allowed. Players who break this
rule, will be asked to delete their character, if they refused, account
will be banned.

10. Do not do anything that prohibits another player’s ability to
play properly. Luring plenty of mobs that causes the player to be
killed is an example of this.

11. Do not abuse the BC (Broadcasting)/megaphones. This includes
harassment, insults and non-sense talking (like revealing your own
life). The whole server doesn't need to know about your personal issues
or problems with others.

12. Do not ask to be a GM or Sub-GM, if you keep begging to be one,
you will be chatblocked for 1day or more depending on the situation.

13. Do not bring your life Drama into our server and start shouting
it in the public. As a result of ignoring this rule, you will be
chatblocked for 30min or more depending on how bad the situation is.

14. Do not treatened anyone for any reason, specially GMs. As a
result of breaking this rule, you shall be chatblocked or banned
depending on how bad the treat was.

15. Do not impersonate any player and make them look bad.

16. Do not impersonate any GM at all. GM impersonation will result in permanent banned.

17. Don't report anyone who are killing you in-game because this is a PK SERVER. GM's will not entertain you with this kind of report.

Forum Rules

1. Do not make any unnecessary topics such as just a simple smiley.
If you wanna do that please use the "Miscellaneous Thread" thread.

2. Do not flame other people's posts.

3. Please try to limit the size of your signature.

4. Do not double post. If you lag and accidentally double post, try
to pm any online forum moderator to delete it as soon as possible.

5. Do not spread rumors without proof.

6. Refrain from post spamming. It doesn't prove anything that you
rant for 2 pages worth of short posts. Posts that do so will be

7. Do not start new topics within posts. If you have a question, make a new topic.

8. Don't use any vulgar/harassing words as your forum name. Don't
impersonate other forum names too. Violating this rule will result to
account BAN and IP ban depending on how bad it is.

9. Don't use any inappropriate words in your posts. Temporary account suspension will be given to violators.

10. Failure to comply to these regulations will result in a temporary or permanent ban depending on the offense.

11. Moderators may not start insulting people in any way, shape, or form. You guys must remain calm and unbiased.

12. Don't even beg for ANY POSITION(GM or FM). We will post an announcement if we want to have additional staff member.

All rules are subject to change at any time.

Rules and Regulations...... by: Admin Marlon K20ged
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